09-08-2015 - 2015 ROAR Off Road National Race

2015 ROAR Off Road National Race:

Team Powers USA team driver Kyle Layton qualified 2nd in 17.5 2wd buggy and 2nd in 17.5 2wd sct. Finishing up 2nd in 17.5 2wd buggy & 4th in 17.5 2wd sct. He uses radon v2, Acinium 17.5 and Team powers 4800 85c Shorty batteries.


2wd Buggy Blinky suggested setting
Firmware: 2.1
Dead band: 10%
Motor: 17.5 actinium +3.5timing
Gearing: 69/34

G5: Race Mode Stock
TH1: Punch Rate A 30
TH2: Punch Rate B 30
TH3: TH SW Point 50%
TH4: TH Slope Custom
T1: Boost Timing 0
T5: Turbo Timing 0

B1: Initial Brake 5%
B2: Drag Brake 10%
B3: Brake Force 62.5
B4: Brake Rate A 20
B5: Brake Rate B 20
B6: switch Point 50%
B7: Brake Curve Linear

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