07-07-2015 - RCF Cup Race in ACO Track

RCF Cup Race in ACO Track:

Congratulation to Thomas Hui to get Modify A1 with the use of team powers radon pro v2 & Plutonium V2 4.5T.

Suggested Radon Pro V2 settings:
FDR: 7.8 (medium big track)

G5: Race Mode Modify
TH1: Punch Rate A 10
TH2: Punch Rate B 10
TH3: TH SW Point 50%
TH4: TH Slope linear
T1: Boost Timing 5
T2: BT Trig Lvl 10
T3: BT Trig Rate 5
T5: Turbo Timing 30
T6: TB Activation TH
T7: Turbo Delay 0.05s
T8: TB Start RPM ---
T9: TB on Rate 5
T10: TB off Rate Instant

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