21-03-2015 - Hong Kong Charity Race at 2015(Mar-24)

Hong Kong Charity Race at 2015(Mar-24) at Discovery Park Shopping Mall:

Modify class:
A2: Yugo Nagashima(VBC/TeamPowers)
A3: Hayato Ishioka(VBC/TeamPowers)

They use Radon pro speed control, 6200mah,90c battery and Plutonium V2 4.5T motors.


Team Powers Group Photo:

Radon Pro(v1.3 firmware) + 4.5T(V2) reference setting:

Carpet track with Medium traction:

TH1: Punch Rate A: 15
TH2: Punch Rate B: 15
TH3: TH SW Poiint: 50%
TH4: Slope: Linear
T1: Timing Boost: 0
T2: BT Start RPM: 9000
T3: BT End RPM: 29000
T4: Boost Slope: Linear
T5: Power Saving Mode: No
T6: Turbo Boost: 1
T7: TB Activation: RPM
T8: Turbo Delay: 0.3s
T9: TB Start RPM: ---
T10: TB on slope: 15deg/0.1s
T11: TB off slope: 24deg/0.1s
T12: Turbo K LVL: 0
T13: Turbo T LVL: 0
B2: Drag Brake: 6%
B3: Brake Force: 100%
B4: Brake rate A: 11%
B5: Brake rate B: 20%
B6: BR SW Point: 50%
B7: Brake Slope: Linear

Plutonium V2 4.5T Motor timing at 0 position, FDR = 8.7




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